Turkey as a developing country has a high demand on energy. The new capacity is urgently needed to meet expected demand for electricity. In this respect, Alternatif's focus is on developing economic as well as environmentally efficient wind energy projects. In addition, to wind projects, Alternatif has established surveillance on Geothermal, Solar, Wave&Tidal sources to produce electricity. 

Tekirdag 20MWe Wind Power Plant Project

Last year, Alternatif Enerji has taken over Bozkır Enerji and Dores Enerji shares. Both of these companies have a wind energy project with installed capacity of 15MWm/10MWe in Hayrabolu District of Tekirdağ Province. Today all permissions have been taken for the projects and both of them are ready to complete. 

Amasya 42MWe Wind Power Plant

Alternatif Enerji has played a major role in the commissioning of a 46MWm/42MWe capacity wind power plant which is a success story investment of Şehzade Enerji Üretim Ticaret Sanayi Anonim Şirketi in Amasya.